Biker Defence has moved

Biker Defence Solicitors has been bought by the London Drink Driving Solicitor.

You can still contact you reliable motorcycling legal team who will be pleased to defend you by calling 020 8242 4440.

You can win your drink driving case

We are London’s number 1 drink driving solicitors

We’ve all seen and heard the TV and radio adverts warning that being convicted of drink driving can mean the loss of your driving licence, job and home. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The London Drink Driving Solicitor has handled thousands of drink driving cases just like yours. His experience in the courtroom will help you achieve the best possible result no matter how daunting or difficult your case may seem.

Whether you want to clear your name or just keep your driving licence, we can help you achieve your goal.

We approach each drink driving case using our unique forensic case analysis approach that ensures we uncover any and all inconsistences and defects in the police’s case against you. We know exactly what the police must prove to convict you of drink driving and what evidence they need to secure that conviction. We also know the common mistakes that they make and how to exploit those mistakes at trial. This approach means that our clients always get the best possible outcome from their drink driving trial.

We constantly check our fees against other specialist motoring law solicitors so we know that our fees are the best value available anywhere in the country.

If you have been accused of drink driving and want to get the best result you need to call the best solicitor to help you. Call the London Drink Driving Solicitor on 020 8242 4440.

For more information visit the London Drink Driving Solicitor website.